Second of a series of Sloth Hammer EPs all recorded in one hefty session, mixed and mastered here at #DeclaredSound. Released today over on #sludge #doom #noise #recordingstudio #masteringengineer

The first release that I recorded in my new Declared Sound studio is out now… Bass, 2 drums, 2 voices and 2 noise makers, improvising live and very very very very loud, no overdubs… I recorded the bass through my classic old school Marshall bass cabinet, using a combination of D112, a vintage ribbon mic for those sweet warm tones in the deliberate dirge, an SM57 to capture the dark tones, and a DI just to make sure it was fat as fuck, live mixed to two stereo channels via a Drawmer 1960 vacuum tube compressor.

The two drum kits were close mic’d, including SM57’s mounted on the beater side of the kick for additional whack, and positioned facing each other in the middle of the live room beneath a pair of overheads and two large diaphragm condensers, all mixed live to two stereo channels via a combination of hardware EQ, gate, expander, compression/limiter.

The two singers wanted to be in the room at the same time, holding the microphones as they would at a show to fully immerse themselves in the improvisation, so I used an SM58 and a Beta 57a through an 80s Korg vocal processor and a vacuum tube pre-amp.

The two noise makers used homemade spring and plate reverbs and circuit bent toys on the floor either side of me in the mastering suite/control room, sometimes placing their contact mics near my speakers to create insane feedback and delays, fed directly into my allen&heath and mixed live to two stereo channels.

I then used the four pairs of stereo mixes as stems, mixed with fairly minimal post-production mostly just bringing out the stereo width and giving the drums some additional punch, and then mastered out through my usual mastering chain.

The band had no idea what they were going to take out of the recording, and i’m super happy they cranked out a total of no less than 5 releases from one session… at least I can offer value for money!! For fans of #sludge, #metal, #doom, #noise and ridiculous fast #grind … #SlothHammer ••• #recordingstudio #musicstudio #musicproducer #musicproduction #mastering #masteringstudio #masteringengineer #leeds #declaredsound