Following on from my homemade bass traps… The result of a lot of research, patience, design, sourcing materials, construction and testing. I am lucky enough to own a pair of Dunlavy speakers, some of the best speakers ever made, and I wanted to be sure I get the most out of them. I didn’t trust companies making their own acoustic panels – amazing how many charge crazy money yet refuse to make technical details of frequency absorption available, so I developed and built my own. Measuring the frequency response of the room and carefully matching the acoustic materials to precise room locations in order to create a flat and balanced room that allows the incredible performance of Dunlavy’s waveform accuracy to shine. Inordinately proud of myself listening to the room change as I mounted these yesterday, millimetre perfect focus away from the room and right to where it matters – the speakers. #studiobuild #mastering #masteringstudio #masteringengineer #musicstudio #recordingstudio #music #musician #musicproducer #musicproduction #sound #audio #acoustics #soundproofing #acoustictreatment #vinyl #cassette #tape #digital #CD #analogue #dunlavy #speakers #leeds #declaredsound

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