Eventful day! Open! Sloth Hammer improvising live in the studio on opening day, absolutely monstrous sound!Two drum kits with added kick mic on the floor tom for extra weight, shattering heavy bass guitar (mic’d with a vintage ribbon, sm57, Akg d12 and DI from the Orange amp running through my old school Marshall 4×10 with the deeper cabinet, routed via a klark teknik EQ and drawmer 1960 from the matrix of the allen and Heath), two vocalists (both of whom insisted on holding the mic’s, and i can tell why, demonising it for hours on end to their cores and beyond) and two noise makers with all sorts of spring and plate reverbs, circuit bent electronics and drills and saws and for a minute there I thought i was still building! Full studio pics on the way when I can get a camera better than my phone to do it all justice.
#studiobuild #studioopening #recordingstudio #masteringstudio #masteringengineer #mastering #music #musicstudio #musicproducer #musicproduction #slothhammer #leeds Grateful beyond belief to Lecky and Si @templeofboomleeds @anxiousdad Adam for all the hours of joinery and everyone else who’s lent a hand along the way, it’s been a long six months of learning curves and curveballs but it’s all sounding incredible, glad I spent so long not cutting corners, it really looks like I’ve spent a lot more money than I actually have, even if that is every penny I do have. #diyordie #declaredsound

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