Brand new label from the inspirational @nyegenyegefest @nyegenyege crew, who you might have read about in @resident_advisor , @factmag or any number of other publications rightfully placing them as some of the most vital and exciting musicians of 2018.

It’s a genuine pleasure to be working with artists making important statements both musically and politically, and it’s exciting to see how the country is changing since I first visited in the mid 90’s.

They’ve also got their eyes set firmly in the future with their new label #HakunaKulala based in #Kampala, #Uganda to support younger artists and producers in #EastAfrica … they’ve used the words “dance floor mayhem” which is absolutely 100% accurate for the #Lasakaneku EP by @slikback from #Kenya , mastered at Declared Sound.

Make sure you follow the label, because there’s a lot more on the way! 🔥🔥🔥 #masteringengineer #masteringstudio #mastering #dancemusic #bass #underground #techno #dancefloor #musicproducer #musicproduction #nyegenyege #newmusic #declaredsound

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